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Saturday, 26 July 2008

My vision of Nottingham's future

I support the idea of having a vision for Nottingham.

I know they are often derided. And many are utterly tedious. But I think a big city needs a set of aims that draws it together.

Besides, Manchester developed one in the 1990s and look where it is now.

So I am pleased that through One Nottingham – a body that includes representatives from the city council, health service, police, business and voluntary sectors – Nottingham is now creating its own vision.

Some good work has been done to canvas opinion and to identify the challenges the city is facing in the next two decades.

However, I am concerned that the vision currently on offer, which has been circulated by Nottingham City Council, will not be successful in directing and propelling Nottingham towards a much brighter future.

In essence, it does not, in my opinion, explicitly reflect the views of residents or the challenges the city faces.

It does not demand action of citizens, voluntary groups, business – that is most of us – or give us a clear opportunity to engage with it and pull together towards a brighter future.

I wrote a critical account of it in the newspaper this weekend.

But, in recognition of the efforts made by others on this project, it seems unfair to criticise the existing version of the vision without offering an alternative.

So, with the help of unnamed others, here is my vision for Nottingham. I think it takes in the views expressed by citizens in consultation and tackles head on the big issues Nottingham must deal with if it is to be successful in the next two decades.

What do you think?

Go Ahead Nottingham (unchanged from One Nottingham version)


Be Radical, think big, dare to be different (unchanged from One Nottingham version)


Be one of Europe's top 10 cities for science, technology, innovation and creativity (unchanged from One Nottingham version)

Be a city with global ambition where people are motivated and skilled, and where business is nurtured and encouraged.

Be an environment in which people want to live, where Nottingham is a national leader in public transport and use of renewable energy.

Be a healthy city in which people want to participate in community life.

Be a city with thriving arts and sports where talent is unlocked.

I have deleted and replaced two aims from the One Nottingham version. They are:

All our children ands young people get the best start in life

Every neighbourhood is a great place to live


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