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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Me, Sam and Dave

We are a friendly bunch on the 1.17pm to Lime Street, Liverpool. Good thing too – it’s going to be a longer journey than planned because of track works.

The train, which also stops in Birmingham – hosting the Conservative Party’s conference – isn’t as packed as on the way to Labour’s Manchester gig last week.

There is me, the lustful Chinese lovebirds at the end of the carriage and the irritatingly cheerful girl who laughs too loudly. Oh, and then there is David and Samantha of course. A well-preened couple up in first-class.

I met them in the café at Euston Station before hand. Dave walked in dutifully pushing a mountain of bags on an airport style trolley while Sam tottered along behind in her heels and bright red jacket.

A lackey found them a table, before Sam started picking at a brown-coloured salad which looked as appetising as dog food. I thought I’d let Dave wolf down his sandwich before pressing him for a message for the people of Nottingham.

His eyes told me to p*** off, but true to style his voice slipped into the sales pitch.

“I hope next week we will show the people of Nottingham a strong, united party that will help them deal with all of the problems they are facing,” along with some-other platitude.

For some reason he didn’t look thrilled to find out we’d be sharing our journey.

Joseph Watts
Parliamentary Correspondent

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