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Friday, 3 October 2008

Blair for PM - that's Cherie not Tony

As the reshuffle kicks in the rumour mills are going into overdrive.

Now that Geoff Hoon's move to the transport brief is pretty set and Mandy is on his way back from Europe, the question is - who is going to take over as EU Commissioner?

It could still be Hoon, a man who quite fancies the job according to sources, but would have to wait before taking it up. Meanwhile others are betting on Patricia Hewitt.

That brings up another interesting question. Hewitt has a 9,000 odd majority in her safe Leicester West seat.

Who would Labour put in there as a sure bet to win at a difficult time for by-elections like this? Whispers are saying Cherie Blair.

Crazy, I know. But she has been raising her profile recently, TV panels and so on, and she was the only Blair at Labour conference this year.

Joseph Watts
Parliamentary Correspondent

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